Zinc Plating

Zinc plating in accordance with ASTM B633.

Zinc-nickel plating in accordance with AMS 2417 & ASTM B841.

Zinc-iron plating in accordance with ASTM B842.

Specification Classification  
ASTM B633 (Zinc Plating) Service Condition (Thickness)
SC 1 (mild) 5 microns, for iron/steel (Fe/Zn 5)
SC 2 (moderate) 8 microns, for iron/steel (Fe/Zn 8)
SC 3 (severe) 12 microns, for iron/steel (Fe/Zn 12)
SC 4 (very severe) 25 microns, for iron/steel (Fe/Zn 25)
  Types (Supplementary treatment or Finish)
I As-plated without supplementary treatment
II With colored chromate conversion coatings
III With colorless chromate conversion coatings
AMS 2417 (Zinc-Nickel Plating) Types
1 As plated without supplementary treatment, service temperature 500⁰F (260⁰C) max.
2 As plated with supplementary chromate treatment.
A Hexavalent chromate treatment, service temperature 250⁰F (121⁰C) max.
B Trivalent chromium treatment, service temperature 375⁰F (191⁰C) max.
(Zinc-Nickel Plating)
Types (Supplementary Conversion Coatings)
A With Colorless conversion coatings.
B With Yellow iridescent conversion coatings.
D With black chromate conversion coatings.
E Any of the above plus organic topcoat.
Grades (Thickness)
5 5 microns minimum
8 8 microns minimum
10 10 microns minimum
(Zinc-Iron Plating)
A Zinc iron with black chromate conversion coating.
Grades (Thickness)
6 6 microns minimum
12 12 microns minimum
18 18 microns minimum