Silver Plating

Silver plating in accordance with QQ-S-365, ASTM B700

Our silver plating process is applied electrolytically. Silver has a very high electrical conductivity, excellent heat conductivity and a low contact resistance compared to other metals except for gold. This makes silver plating ideal for the communication applications, microwave application, electronics, medical and aerospace industry. It is often chosen as a less expensive alternative to gold for electrical connections. Below are the various specifications that EMIRFI Shield Plating Inc. provides for your various applications.

Specification Classification  
QQ-S-365 Types
I Matte
II Semi-Bright
III Bright
A With supplementary tarnish resistant treatment (Chromate treatment)
B Without supplementary tarnish resistant treatment
ASTM B700 Types (Purity)
1 99.9 % minimum Silver
2 99.0 % minimum Silver
3 98.0 % minimum Silver
Grades (Surface Appearance)
A Matte
B Bright
D Semi-Bright
Classes (Supplementary Surface Treatment)
N No Supplementary tarnish resistant treatment
S With supplementary tarnish resistant treatment (Chromate treatment)