Electrolytic Nickel Plating

Nickel plating in accordance with QQ-N-290 / AMS-QQ-N-290, AMS 2403 & ASTM B689

Nickel plating is one of the most versatile metal finishing processes that is available, having a wide range of applicable uses, from decorative to functional. EMIRFI Shield Plating Inc.’s electroplated nickel is designed for functional or engineering applications. Engineering nickel is mostly plated from a pure nickel solution to help with shielding, increase corrosion protection, increase wear resistance, improve hardness, improve solderabilty, and to decrease magnetism. Nickel plating is used in a number of applications such as, microwave, aerospace, and telecommunications.
EMIRFI Shield Plating Inc. also offers a lower stressed nickel that is used when ductile nickel deposit is required. This type of nickel is used in connector pins that might have to be formed or stressed.
Specification Classification  
QQ-N-290 / AMS-QQ-N-290 Classes
1 Corrosion protective plating
2 Engineering plating – Parts for Class 2 deposition shall be plated to specific dimensions as specified in the contract, purchase order or on the applicable drawing.
Grades (Thickness for Class 1)
A 0.0016 inch
B 0.0012 inch
B 0.0012 inch
C 0.0010 inch
D 0.0008 inch
E 0.0006 inch
F 0.0004 inch
G 0.0002 inch
AMS 2403 This process has been used typically to provide moderate corrosion and oxidation resistance to metal parts but without control of other characteristics and for the buildup of surfaces. Plating thickness shall be specified in the contract, purchase order or drawing.
ASTM B689 Types
1 Nickel electroplated from solutions not containing hardeners, brighteners, or stress control additives.
2 Nickel electrodeposits used at moderate temperatures and containing sulfur or other codeposited elements or compounds that are present to increase the hardness, to refine the grain structure, or to control the internal stress of the electrodeposited Nickel.
5 5 microns
25 25 microns
50 50 microns
100 100 microns
200 200 microns
X Thickness as specified