Gold Plating

goldGold plating in accordance with MIL-G-45204, MIL-DTL-45204, ASTM B488, AMS 2422

EMIRFI Shield Plating Inc. gold plating is applied electrolytically or by immersion deposition. Gold plated deposits can range in colour from bright yellow (hard gold) or to dull (soft gold). Engineers and manufacturers often use gold plating because of its exceptional resistance to corrosion, resistance to tarnishing, and low contact electrical resistivity. This makes gold plating ideal for electronic applications. Many electronic parts, such as connectors or circuit board components, are gold plated to provide maximum corrosion resistance while maintaining excellent conductivity and solderability.

Soft gold plating is commonly used where high purity is required for soldering, wire bonding, high temperature or high corrosion resistance applications. Our soft gold deposits are of 99.9% purity, which maintains the low hardness and high corrosion resistance consistent with its elemental form. Soft gold plating is preferred for high temperature applications due to its high purity, as impurities can lead to an oxide build up at high temperatures making soldering more difficult.

Hard gold finishes are commonly used in applications where repeated insertion or connection wear is required, such as male to female interconnect pins or spring contacts. Below are the various specifications that EMIRFI Shield Plating Inc. provides for your various applications.

Specification Classification
MIL-G-45204 / MIL-DTL-45204 Types (Purity)
I 99.7 % Gold minimum
II 99.0 % Gold minimum
III 99.9 % Gold minimum
Grades (Hardness)
A 90 maximum (Knoop)
C 130-200 inclusive (Knoop)
Classes (Thickness)
00 0.00002 inch minimum
0 0.00003 inch minimum
1 0.00005 inch minimum
2 0.00010 inch minimum
3 0.00020 inch minimum
4 0.00030 inch minimum
5 0.00050 inch minimum
6 0.00150 inch minimum
ASTM B488 Types (Purity)
I 99.7 % Gold minimum
II 99.0 % Gold minimum
III 99.9 % Gold minimum
Codes (Hardness)
A 90 maximum (Knoop)
C 130-200 inclusive (Knoop)
Classes (Thickness)
0.25 0.25 micron
0.50 0.50 micron
0.75 0.75 micron
1.0 1.0 micron
1.25 1.25 micron
2.5 2.5 micron
5 5.0 micron
AMS 2422 Gold thickness must be 0.00005 inch minimum
Gold Purity must be 90% minimum
Nickel underplate must be 0.0001 inch minimum