Environmental Policy

Recycling arrows and blue earth. Vector illustration

It is the mandate of EMIRFI Shield Plating Inc. that management and employees work as a team to conduct its operations within Federal, Provincial, and Municipal regulations. We will provide our customers with products and services of highest quality while continuously improving the processes and procedures to prevent, and minimize detrimental effects on the environment as related to the company’s facility and operations.

Our objective is to maintain and to improve the quality of environment in order to consistently meet internal requirements and those of our customers, and applicable laws.

Management is committed to ensuring that all employees understand and follow our Environmental Management System policies and procedures. All company personnel, at all levels, are expected to work within the guidelines of all Environmental Management System policies and procedures. Management ensures that employees are trained and positively encouraged in their role to achieve this goal.

Management also ensures that the Environmental Management Manual and all other supporting documents are reviewed, controlled, and updated at regular intervals in response to changing circumstances.