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Photo Etching Services

Photo Etching or Chemical Milling is a chemical process of removing the unwanted material from a flat sheet of the required material alloy; Leaving behind the part/design, standard thickness for materials ranging from (0.003”-0.025”). (For a list of common material alloys with standard material thickness and feature ranges see below.)

Photo Etching provides many advantages over other thin material machining. Low upfront tooling cost, (starting at $650 CAD per design) while providing feature details as small as (0.002”) over a wide variety of alloys. Photo Etching does not affect the temper or hardness of the metal, finished parts are burr free and without any metal stress. Stamping operates on the principle of metal displacement through force, often requiring post heat treating thus breaking down the metal’s molecular structure, changing the tensile properties of your chosen alloy.

For thin decorative products we offer step-etch or a face etch where we can etch your designs only on side leaving a textured appearance. This feature of two-sided etching eliminates post production polishing required when using casting or stamping. This feature can be used to etch part numbers, lot-codes, or revision numbers to avoid post production laser marking.

All Photo Etched parts can be post plated with any of our available plating finishes.

photo etching .0001 inch tolerance
photo etching
photo etching services
photo etching machine
Material Thickness Ranges
Copper & Copper Alloys (Brass, Be. CU)
Copper & Copper Alloys (Brass, Be. CU)
Stainless Steel (301,302,303,304 Alloys)
Nickel Alloys (Invar, Kovar, Nickel Silver)